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GetSome 1000
GetSome 1000Getsome Battery Aid 16Getsome Battery Aid 4

1000-Supreme Lubricant, 11oz Aerosol Can. Lanolin based, environmentally safe and tant free.





Getsome 1000 GetSome 1000
Getsome Battery Aid QuartGetsome 1000GetSome 1000

1000- Supreme Lubricant, 2oz Flip Top Bottle. Laonolin based, evironmentally safe and tant free.

GetSome 1000, Supreme Lubricant, 5 oz Aerosol can. Lanolin base, environmentally safe and tant free.




GetSome Extreme
GetSome Extreme

GetSome Extreme Conditions/Super Duty Lubricant with Lanolin 11oz Can. Used for rusted bolts and tough jobs.



GETSOME PRODUCTS, manufacturer of GETSOME 1000, GETSOME XTREME & BATTERYADE is proud to offer a group of high quality products made in America.

Our products are designed with superior ingredients to stand up to the toughest test and to exceed the needs and expectations of our toughest customers. We would like to thank our loyal customers for their trust in our products.  If you have not tried GETSOME PRODUCTS, then we ask you to GETSOME and put them to the test.

You WILL be satisfied.  We guarantee it.