Bow-tie Anchor Stake with GetSome 1000
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Bow-tie Anchor Stake with GetSome 1000

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Bow Tie is a Multi-functional steel anchor stake. "Just drill it in"

The Bow tie is a 7",#3 steel bolt with a single chain link welded just below the 9/16 top, a angle slant cut through grooved point. The Bow tie is then cleaned and Parkerized with and environmentally safe Acid, (California Approved) to prevent rust. The Bow Tie is sold with two Bow Tie and a 2oz bottle of Get Some 1000, a lanolin Base lubricant, that is envirnmentally safe and helps prevent rust when stored. Get Some will not tant hands or gear.

Use a 9/16 socket and a cordless drill to "Just drillit in" to just about any surface, wood, ice and hard ground to tie down tarps, tents and Ice Shacks. Just drill slowly and let the Bow Tie do the work. Just reverse drill to remove.