WD Weather Deflector

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The concept is simple, Ice-Fishing with LESS WORK. Just set up your ice fishing traps as usual, don't worry, the Weather Deflector is universal and works with any ice-fishing trap. Remove the Velcro strap that keeps the five Weather Deflectors together for easy transport and storage. Take one Weather Deflector, determine the wind direction and open the Weather Deflector using the integrated handles. Place the point (V) of the Weather Deflector towards the wind and press the Weather Deflector firmly into the snow, pack the base of the Weather Deflector with snow to secure base. It's that simple, quick and easy! If there is no snow on the ice, no-worries, you can use the slush from drilling the ice-hole to secure the Weather Deflector. Just push the slush towards the wind and put the Weather Deflector in place as directed packing the slush around the base. That's it! The whole process takes less time than setting up your trap. The Weather Deflector benefits are endless. Just set up your first ice-fishing trap using the Weather Deflector to see the difference. Locate your traps instantly in any lighting or weather conditions, along shorelines or at great distances. The aerodynamic design directs the snow, wind and rain around the ice-fishing trap. The florescent label at the top of the Weather Deflector provides for quick location of your traps while night-fishing, and a notice to other snowmobiliers. The Weather Deflector eliminates the hard work associated with ice fishing. There is no need for constant shoveling and/or building snow-walls. It eliminates the inconvenience of snow-covered traps, rain frozen traps and annoying wind flags. Protect your catch, hands and bait from the punishing cold winds. The Weather Deflector will forever change the way you ice-fish.